Setup speeds

After all previous steps, you only need to adjust the speeds for a perfect leveling.


Go to ‚Setup‘ and then go to ‚Maintain‘ and then ‚Speeds‘. You now see 4 bars. You can adjust how long each axle needs to be operated by kntrl for automatic ride heights. The heights of the bar is used for the activation of the valves. If the value is higher, the valves are activated longer. You can change this for front up, front down, rear up, rear down.



Set the bar maximum filled our for front and rear up. The system will now active the front up and rear up valves for longer period when using automatic ride heights. If for example your desired height is 2 bar, the system will fill the bags. (amount of air depends on your setup) after filling the bag might be inflated till 3 bar. The system will now deflate the bags to the desired 2 bar.


Recommended settings:

Start putting the front up and rear up settings at approx 75% filled. After this see how the system reacts and adjust your system with it. Set the front down and rear down to approx 50% filled, maybe even lower. You want the car to adjust with small pieces when deflating to be as accurate as possible.


Common problems:

Q: The car keeps inflating and deflating the bags
A: Set the front down and rear down speed lower. We suggest putting it at the lowest. The car will now deflate in smaller steps. If you still have this issue you can raise the front up and rear up speeds. Keep in mind that the system should inflate in 1 time over your desired height and then deflate to the perfect height.
Q: The car bumps up to the desired height in steps
A: Raise your front up and rear up speeds until your system is over the desired height in 1 time.
Q: I’ve done all the above but it still keeps leveling
A: Probably you’ve adjusted your precision too precise. If your hardware setup (bags + hose + valves) isn’t possible to adjust in smaller steps the system simply can’t keep up withyour desired ultimate precision. You now have 2 options. We recommend 6mm hose or max 8mm hose. If you already have those, then we advise to set your precision value higher. This means it has a bigger range to check if the pressure is ok.