Setup precision

After setting the heights, we’re now going to set the precision for your system.


Go to ‚Setup‘ and then go to ‚Maintain‘ and then go to ‚Precision‘. you now see 4 bars. You can adjust how much tolerance each strut has. The height of the bar is used for the tolerance on that axle. If the value is higher, the bigger the tolerance. You can change this for front left, front right, rear left and rear right. If the tolerance is bigger, it will level out easier, but less precise.



You desired height is 4 bar. The precision is set as low as possible (zero tolerance). The system will now try to reach (nearly) exact 4 bar. This is of course almost imposible and result in a system that keeps inflating and deflating all the time.


Another example:

Your desired height is 4 bar. The precision is as high as possible (max tolerance). The system will now always fill up to a minimum of 4 bar. With the max tolerance active the system will make a max pressure wich is within the tolerances. The may result into a pressure somewhere between 4 and 5 bar wich is accepted. (Exact number may vary, depending on your setup)


Recommended settings:

Set the precision for all struts at 3/4 of the range. See how the system reacts to your car. You can adjust it down with 1 step at a time. If you notice the system keeps leveling up and down, you eather need to raise the tolerance or lower the speeds.



Continue your setup:

Continue your setup with the automatic ride heights.