Automatic ride height

Below we have explained how you can setup the auto ride heights.


The auto ride height is a feature where the system automatically levels out your car. This works for every car with every type of bags / valves. You can follow these steps. If you can’t get it to work, make sure to contact us.


Step 1:

Go to ‚manual‘ or ‚play‘ and set your height to the desired height.


Step 2:

Go to ‚Setup‘ and then ‚Set height‘.


Step 3:

Choose your desired button you wanto to use for this height.


Step 4:

You will now receive a confirmation to which height you have set the setting.


Do you want to save more heights? Repeat step 1 – 4.

CAUTION! Auto height 1 is an ‚All-Down‘ function. Auto height 1 will always drop your car until 0 bar, no matter what height you have saved!


Continue setup

Continue your setup with the precision settings